Games of Strategy, Warfare, Diplomacy and Conquest

Strategy and Conquest Games provides turn-based, multiplayer strategic wargames. We offer dynamic and challenging games together with the help and support you need to get the most out of each game.

In our games, you are the leader of a realm, using your diplomatic and military skills to build your realm into a great power. Working with allies and overcoming foes through military might, you will compete with dozens of other players to gain power and ultimate victory. Your skills as a general will be challenged; your abilities as a diplomat will be put to the test. Both will be needed for conquest and victory.

World at war

World at War – 20th Century Warfare!

The year is 1910 and throughout the world, nations are stirring. Tensions rise as nations seek to carve out their own slice of Empire.

The old Powers that had dominated for centuries and built huge empires are being challenged by new powers and new technologies. Russia has been defeated by Japan in open battle, the Boer colonies fight for freedom from their English overlords, South America is swept by revolution and new nations rise in the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East to challenge the might of the existing powers.

This stimulating game of strategy, set in the period from 1910 through to the present day will challenge your abilities as a general and diplomat in order to achieve the goal of Empire.

You will pit your skills against 12 other players, develop your economy, establish trade routes, invest in technology, conduct diplomacy, build armies, navies and air fleets all to crush those that stand against you so as to support your goal of Victory and Glory for your Empire.

This game is currently in development.

dalogojanuary2011Europe c. 870

35 players
Charlemagne has died and Europe is torn asunder by the squabbling and bickering of his heirs. Nobles are carving out their own kingdoms in the midst of declining Frankish authority. This stimulating game of strategy, set in medieval Europe, will test your prowess as a general and challenge your diplomatic savvy. In a dog-eat-dog fight to the finish, you will pit your skills and cunning against other players to gain conquest and victory. This game is currently in redevelopment.